The Grounds For Assault web page was established to accompany a compact disc, passed out to only members of the UnderDog clan and select friends. This CD was a vast collection of Myth: TFL maps, and goodies entitled "Grounds for Assualt". The original web page served as a resource to download items that were not on the original disc and recieve map reviews. As time passed, new maps, and tools made their way onto the scene, and we decided it was time to give the old compilation a once over, and GfA2 was born. Along with the CD, we gave the website a new theme. It now serves as an archive of maps, and tools from the CD, for others to download. And it also contains the latest µDog Must-Haves list, and any other new maps that get submitted. Everyone who has worked on the Grounds For Assault CDs should be commended, they did a fantastic job collecting, sorting, and archiving thousands of files, as well as producing top notch artwork.

To get your own GfA2 CD, get in touch with Dank Rider. Simply pay for the cost of shipping and packaging (often less!) and the CD is yours. Shipping in bulk is cheaper, so if you know a few friends who would also like a copy, try to get them together. Reproduction of the GfA2 CD is encouraged as it's original goal was to reach as many people as possible, but there are two things to keep in mind. First we ask that the CD remains unaltered, many people put a lot of work into the CD and we ask that you respect that work. Second, GfA2 is a hybrid CD meaning that it contains files for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, as such, a Macintosh machine is required to reliably reproduce the CD. Windows machines will strip the Mac files of their meta-data rendering them useless to Mac users.

     You can also get these maps and tools from the µDogs' hotline server, which you can connect to @ if you dont have the hotline client application you can get that here.

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