Here to help your needs with tutorials and forums, also tools to aid your process of map making on myth: the fallen lords.
.... well, there are tools at least!


Amber 2Gore
Amber is a collection editor which works with TFL and M2sGore is a editor that lets you edit MONS, UNIT, STLI, PROJ, PRGR, LPGR, and CORE files
Apathy 1.0Myth Fixer
Converts 3DMF models into Myth 2 tags (which can then be converted to TFL)Myth Fixer is a simple utility for Windows that removes the MacBinary header present on many Macintosh film and saved game files used with the game Myth, from Bungie Software
Bartok 1.1Myth Packer
Bartok is used to turn your tags into a .gorMythPacker can extract tags from existing .gor files or add/remove them to make your own custom .gor files
CORE Edit 1.0Myth View
Used to edit TFL collection referencesLets you edit MESH, STLI, and MONS tags, has other benificial features
Despair 1.0Plugin Builder
Despair can place projectiles, units, scenery etc. on a mesh, and is also used for scriptingDisplays all of the objects in a group of tags, and lets you compile a plugin from those tags
The Fallen SoundsSapphire
Used to edit TFL sound tagsPC tool for building new .256 tags. It can generate new textures, pregame images and overhead maps
Head Edit 1.0Tahoe
Convert header information for myth2 and myth tfl tagsTahoe is a PC collection editor for Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter. It will open any collection tag and allow you to import and export the color table and bitmaps within (does not create new sprites)
Hex Edit 1.0.7Texture Pro
Get in there and do it yourself =)
[Mac OS X Version]
Extracts the 256 map files from your TFL CD
LPGR Edit 0.2Ultra Edit
Used to edit TFL local projectile groupsPC hex editor
Mesh Inspector GoldWeather Edit(wJRE)
Mesh editorHelps you edit the weather for TFL, uses Java
Myth Extractor
Used to extract tags from artsound.gor or tags.gor etc..
MythTech 0.9a40
Creates meshes for TFL
MONS Edit 2.0
Used to edit TFL monster tags
PROJ Edit 1.0
Used to edit TFL projectile tags
stliEdit 1.0b
Used to edit string lists for TFL
Textura 1.0d3
Textura is a map editor that can do quite a lot, but doesn't work for most folks
Bungie's Fear & Loathing for TFL
Bungie's Fear & Loathing were once a well kept secret becuase of their incomplete and buggy nature, in fact they even require that you have a debugger installed, so we've included the popular MacsBug for your convenience. Also, make sure to check out the Loathing documentation over at
(by no means a complete list)

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